When Is Best To Drink Green Powders?

Whether you’ve just bought your first green powder and you want to know how to use it, you already take a green powder and you want to know that you’re consuming it right, or you’re ready to learn more about green powders before buying one, this is the article for you!

In this article, we’ll be taking a close look into green powders, telling you when the best time in the day to drink a green powder is, how often you should drink green powder, and giving you some ideas of how you can consume green powders.

Why Do People Drink Green Powders?

The specific reason that someone consumes a green powder differs from person to person.

Some people simply consume green powders to improve their micronutrient intake, whilst others use them to experience the wide range of health benefits that are associated with these powders – to boost their energy levels, lose weight, improve cognitive function, and improve athletic performance.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to experience a specific benefit, consuming a greens powder supports overall health and improves both physical and mental wellbeing.

So, if you can safely consume a greens powder, it’s worth doing so.

How Often Should You Drink Green Powders?

Although you may experience certain benefits immediately after consuming a super greens powder, you will only experience the long-term benefits of taking a greens powder if you consume it every day for a prolonged period of time.

Each specific super greens powder has a different serving size and serving recommendation, but generally, if you’re taking one serving of greens powder per day you will start to really experience the associated benefits within a month.

Additionally, if you are feeling sick, traveling, or you’re definitely not getting substantial nutrition through your diet, you can increase your consumption of a super greens powder for a few days, ensuring you’re properly supported.

However, if the super greens powder you’re consuming specifically advises against this, it’s best not to.

What Time of Day Should You Drink Green Powders?

Unless the super greens powder you’re consuming contains high levels of caffeine, you can consume a greens powder at any time of day and they will still provide you with the same benefits.

However, consuming a super greens powder in the morning, upon waking, is generally best. This way, you can give your mind and body a boost of nutrients straight away.

Additionally, consuming a greens powder in the morning is easiest, especially if you are busy and would otherwise forget to consume it during the day.

You can consume it before, with, or as your breakfast and get your nutritional insurance for the day ahead when taken in the morning.

Although, some people do find it beneficial to consume green powder during their midday slump (typically between 1pm – 3pm) to give them a boost of energy.

The best thing to do is to find a time to consume your greens powder that works for you personally and stick to that, in order to get into a habit.

5 Different Ways To Use Green Powders

If you think the only way to consume a green powder is by mixing it with water, you would be mistaken!

There are several ways that you can use green powders and we’re going to take a look at them!

Mix With Water

Ok, this is one of the most popular ways to consume green powder, so we do have to mention it!

Although mixing a green powder with water isn’t the most creative or interesting way to consume it, it is one of the fastest ways to do so.

If you’re in a rush or you simply need a quick boost of energy and micronutrients, mix a serving size of greens powder in chilled water.

If this is how you want to consume a green powder, just make sure you purchase a greens powder that actually tastes nice. Unfortunately, lots of super greens powders don’t taste great!

If you’re looking for a pleasant-tasting green powder, we recommend green powders like Supergreen Tonik or Athletic Greens.

Mix With Juice

If you tend to have fruit juice in the morning, why not add your green powder to it and increase your nutrient consumption in just a few sips?

If you want to mix a super greens powder with juice, simply pour yourself a glass of juice and add a serving size of your green powder into it. Mix the concoction well and enjoy!

If you’re wanting to consume your green powder this way, orange juice and apple juice always tend to mix well and taste the best when mixed with green powder.

Add To A Smoothie

If you struggle to drink green powders because of their taste, or even because of their consistency, a great way to add a green powder into your diet is by adding a serving size of green powder into a smoothie.

All you need to do is add in all of the ingredients you use to make your normal smoothie and then pop in a serving size of your favorite green powder. Even when added to a smoothie you will benefit from the ingredients and nutrients within a green powder.

Obviously, making a smoothie does require a little time and you need other ingredients, so if you’re incredibly busy or you don’t often have other fruit and vegetables in your home, it might be better to miss out on the smoothie approach and choose a green powder that you actually enjoy the taste of when mixed with just water.

Bake With It

Although people often assume that you have to consume green powder as a drink, you can actually bake with it and consume it through food!

When you’re baking with green powder, all you need to do is prepare a standard recipe (such as energy balls or pastry), and add a serving size or two of green powder at the stage when nothing has been cooked yet.

Then, once baked, you should come out with baked goods that contain green powder but don’t taste any different from their ordinary versions!

Certain green powders are easier to bake with, with some even being marketed as baking ingredients.

So, if you’re primarily looking to bake with a green powder you may want to purchase one that can specifically be used for baking.

The same goes for cooking! You can add a serving of green powder to your favorite meal.

Make It Into Your Own Capsules

Green capsule supplements are rarely properly dosed – capsule supplements very rarely contain sufficiently dosed ingredients and more often than not are made up of proprietary blends and synthetic ingredients.

However, if you simply cannot stomach a green powder, you can create your own super green capsules.

All you need to do is choose a green powder that definitely contains sufficiently dosed ingredients, is potent, and is free from nasty ingredients.

Then, go out and purchase your own empty capsules – vegetarian capsules that unscrew and are easy to pack are usually the best.

Then, add the green powder into the capsules and consume the green powder through your homemade capsules.

Just remember to make sure that you’re still getting the recommended serving of the green powder.

Ready To Utilize Greens Powders To Give You The Results You Want?

Now you know exactly how you can take a green powder and you have a few ideas to incorporate them easily into your diet, you’re all good to get started on your super green journey!

Have fun experimenting and seeing what works for you!

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