Organifi Green Juice vs SuperGreen Tonik

Organifi vs Supergreen Tonik

Organifi Green Juice and SuperGreen Tonik are major players when it comes to the super greens supplement market.

Organifi has developed a loyal following of customers on social media platforms and is thought of as one of the best greens, if not the best; But, there’s a new player in town, SuperGreen TONIK.

Whereas Organifi uses influencers to help create loyalty, SuperGreen TONIK uses transparency; and in an industry where hidden formulas are the norm, SuperGreen TONIK is bucking the trend.

Let’s have a deeper look at both brands and see which one can lay claim to being the best greens supplement out there.

What Are Super Green Powders?

Let’s face it, we all struggle to eat a healthy balanced diet, especially one rich in fruits and vegetables. That’s why supplementing is essential because even with a healthy, well-balanced diet, there are always going to be nutritional gaps that need to be filled.

The very best greens powdered supplements are designed to give you your essential nutritional requirements in one scoop a day. However, as with any industry, many companies make wild and outlandish claims about the effectiveness of their product. Claims such as “magic bullet” and “transform your life” are often thrown around, and unfortunately, many people buy into this dishonest marketing.

Thankfully, many companies are open, honest, and have the customer’s best interests at heart; Organifi and SuperGreen TONIK are two such companies. Both are very reputable and include high premium superfoods that can help increase energy, improve sleep quality, help with weight management, boost your immune system and even reduce stress.

Generally, greens companies use whole foods that have either been dried and dehydrated or extracted. The types of greens included vary, but some of the most common, which are at the very heart of every greens supplement, are kale, spinach, chlorella, moringa leaf, and spirulina.

Transparency plays a big role in the greens market, with the vast majority of makers choosing to hide their ingredients list behind the legal term “proprietary blend.”

If you’re a newcomer to the supplement industry, the “proprietary blend” sounds like a prestigious term given to only the best manufacturers. As you read along, you’ll see the vital role transparency plays when it comes to choosing the best greens supplement.

In terms of pricing, prices can range from as little as $30 to nearly $100 for the high premium brands. How much you spend depends on your goals and your wallet.


Who Makes it?

Organifi Green Juice tub

Drew Canole founded Organifi in 2014 after his personal struggle with obesity. He has since made it his mission to educate others on the importance of nutrition, and in particular, “juicing,” plays in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Canole also documented his battle with obesity via an online portal named FitLife TV and grew a loyal audience of more than 1 million subscribers. The brand Organifi came about after Canole heard the stories of his followers and how they, too, had struggled with their own health issues.

Organifi is headquartered in Little Italy and is made from various ingredients that have been dried and mixed to ensure effectiveness.

The product is sold online and in more than 2000 stores nationwide. The company employs more than 100 people and has third-party facilities in Austin, Texas, Orange County, and Utah.

Supergreen Tonik bundle

The story behind SuperGreen TONIK is fascinating and inspiring. The company’s founder, Adam Wright, developed the brand after an authentic life struggle with the debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Going from being a successful triathlete, he suddenly found himself bedridden and unable to move.

Adam had studied Sports Physiology and Nutrition, so he already understood the importance of a healthy, well-balanced diet in order to perform at his best. So after trying pretty much every greens supplement on the market, Adam decided to make his own greens powder, and SuperGreen TONIK was born.

The company bases its entire philosophy around transparency and customer service, believing that customers deserve to know exactly what’s in the supplement they purchase; this includes the ingredient and the exact dosage.

The Summary: These two top-notch greens brands both have very genuine and authentic stories behind them, that not only speak from experience ,but also help inspire people to make their own nutrition and lifestyle transformations.

Organifi and SGT draw

Verdict – DRAW


Serving Size And Effectiveness

Organifi Green Juice tub

Organifi Green Juice is a greens supplement powder that claims to help people by increasing energy, boosting the immune system, and improving health.

With ingredients such as mint, chlorella, spirulina, and moringa, the claims could be valid, but here’s the problem, when it comes to finding the exact dosage, you can’t. Why? well, it’s hidden by the fancy term we talked about earlier, “proprietary blend.”

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are hiding their formula, but personally, I’d much rather know what’s in it than what’s not.

One serving of Organifi contains just 24 calories, 2 grams of protein, 2 mg of iron, and 5100 mg of what they call “alkaline greens.” The formula also includes a “superfood blend” of 1450 mg, but again, without knowing the exact amount of each ingredient, it’s impossible to determine its effectiveness.

Thirty servings are contained in one tub with a serving size of 9.3 grams which again begs the question, is one serving a day, really enough to get all your required daily nutrients?

Supergreen Tonik bundle

Over nearly two years and in combination with leading nutritional experts, SuperGreen TONIK has developed the world’s first 7-1 optimized brain and body formula that has changed how greens powders are looked at.

It’s easy to jam as many ingredients into the formula and market it that way, but SuperGreen TONIK takes a more transparent and science-based approach, with 38 ingredients that have been proven to increase health and well-being, this newcomer to the greens market is impressive.

Every scoop contains an amazing 18 vitamins and minerals and like a good TV info-commercial, wait, there’s more; the formula also includes superfoods like spirulina and chlorella and potent adaptogenic herbs such as ashwagandha and Rhodiola.

With a healthy serving size of 11.8 grams, every tub contains one month’s worth of powder that equals 30 daily servings; this means, unlike many other brands, you only need one scoop a day, making it effective and easy on the wallet.

SuperGreen TONIK serving size is 22% larger than Organifi Green Juice.

The Summary: It’s hard to go past SuperGreen TONIK on this one, and for our expert panel, the fact that every ingredient is clearly listed and every dosage size is made available, it’s a no-brainer. Not only that, but SuperGreen TONIK also includes maximum dosages of every ingredient (explaining its 22% bigger serving size), meaning you only need to take one serving each day.

Supergreen Tonik bundle

Winner – SuperGreen TONIK



To be an industry leader when it comes to supplements, what’s inside makes all the difference. The number of ingredients included plays an important role, but the dosage of every ingredient is far more critical.

Nutrients and ingredients that help boost immunity, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality and increase energy should all be included. A few of the high premium brands also include potent adaptogenic herbs, which enhance cognitive function and may even help mitigate age-related disease.

Let’s take a closer look.

Organifi Green Juice

Organifi Supplement Label

Organifi Green Juice has 11 superfoods that have been dried and ground into powder to create the greens drink that is popular amongst social media influencers. Ingredients such as chlorella, moringa, spirulina, mint, and ashwagandha are all included, and it’s claimed these nutrients help boost immunity, improve concentration and increase overall health.

The juice itself is ready in about 30 seconds, making it very convenient, especially first thing in the morning. Benefits are claimed as being able to help with weight management, reduce stress, detoxify your skin and body and provide essential nutrients that are required for health and well-being.

The problem here again is transparency; it just makes it incredibly difficult to verify these claims scientifically. However, in saying that, Organifi does have an extensive and loyal customer base, and it’s easy to find many positive reviews.

But to be honest, I’d much rather trust the science over anecdotal evidence.

SuperGreen TONIK

SuperGreen TONIK supplement label

SuperGreen TONIK claims to offer 38 scientifically proven ingredients that enhance everything from increasing energy, boosting immunity, improving focus and concentration, helping with weight management, and improving cognitive function.

Usually, these claims would be hard to substantiate, but this is where SuperGreen TONIK really changes the game regarding ingredient transparency. It’s refreshing to see a brand that lists every ingredient and its correct dose on the label.

The formula includes dark leafy greens such as spirulina, kale, spinach, adaptogenic herbs like Ashwagandha and Rhodiola, a whopping 18 vitamins and minerals in every serving, and even 16 superfoods.

The potent adaptogenic herbs, for example, have been used for millennia by many traditional tribes and cultures for their healing and therapeutic powers. These herbs also help improve brain function, improve task performance and in turn drastically improve productivity.

Again the most significant thing to take into consideration here is the transparent label. It provides consumers with a certain peace of mind and confidence to see precisely what’s in the formula; this is especially true if looking to spend between $50-90 on a greens supplement.

As did our experts, I would guess that the vast majority of consumers would prefer to know what’s included rather than what’s not.

The Summary: Although Organifi is one of the most well-known and respected brands on the market, SuperGreen TONIK not only provides the world’s first 7-1 in an optimized formula, it also allows the consumer to see exactly what’s inside.

The detoxifying benefits from ingredients like spirulina and chlorella, the brain-boosting herbs such as Rhodiola, and the immune-boosting ingredients like garlic, give SuperGreen TONIK a well rounded transparent formula that’s highly affordable.

Supergreen Tonik bundle

Winner – SuperGreen TONIK


Safety, side effects

Safety is critical when it comes to choosing any supplement but particularly important when it comes to choosing the best.

Organifi Green Juice tub

Organifi Green Juice is also stringently tested and certified USDA Organic and is third-party tested to ensure the safety of every batch produced.

Organifi states they are “committed to creating superfood blends with the following ingredient quality standard, ” vegan and keto-friendly, soy and dairy-free, gluten-free, and are verified non-GMO.

Supergreen Tonik bundle

SuperGreen TONIK is third-party tested by one of the world’s leading labs, Eurofins. Why is this important for the consumer?

Well, knowing that every batch is tested for quality and purity provides the consumer with peace of mind knowing their supplement is free from harmful chemicals like lead and mercury.

SuperGreen TONIK also uses a certified GMP or what’s known as a [Good Manufacturing Practice facility]. The brand is also made in the USA.

The Summary: These two companies take safety very seriously, undergoing stringent testing regularly to ensure quality and purity. Because of that, we call a draw on this one.
Organifi and SGT draw

Verdict – DRAW


Price and Affordability

Organifi Green Juice tub

$59-69 + shipping

Organifi Green Juice is priced on the high end of the market, but I can see why as it has such a loyal following. The ingredients make this high premium greens supplement, and to some people, following a well-known brand provides peace of mind.

The price for one tub of Organifi Green Juice is $69, and like SuperGreen TONIK, they do offer bundles, which can reduce the cost per tub.

However, that being said, the downside here is that, unlike SuperGreen TONIK, shipping is not free.

Supergreen Tonik bundle

$62-87 + FREE shipping

SuperGreen TONIK is available in 1, 3, and 5 tub bundles. Each tub contains 30 servings or one month’s supply.

One tub bundle costs $87 or $2.85 per serving
Three tub bundle costs $227 or $2.49 per serving
Five tub bundle costs $327 or $2.17 per serving ($62 per tub)

When you consider the affordable price point per serving and the fact that shipping is free, SuperGreen TONIK is excellent value.

The Summary: This is a tough one, but in terms of price and affordability, SuperGreen TONIK gets the win. They offer free shipping, a 365-day money-back guarantee, and saver bundles that work out as low as $2.17 per serve.

When you consider the quality of the product you’re getting, it’s pretty hard to go past SuperGreen TONIK.

Supergreen Tonik bundle

Winner – SuperGreen TONIK



Organifi Green Juice

Organifi Green Juice

Although being an overall excellent greens drink and the fact that Organifi Green Juice has been around for quite some time, it just falls short this time when placed head to head against SuperGreen TONIK.

Organifi is a worthy runner-up, however, and as you’ve seen, the company definitely has its heart in the right place and takes its customer’s health and safety seriously.

But the big negative is lack of transparency, and when you’re trying to convince a panel of experts that you’re the best greens on the market, hidden ingredient amounts just don’t get it done.


SuperGreen TONIK

Supergreen Tonik Bundle

Buy Now

SuperGreen TONIK has burst onto the scene in recent years, and it’s easy to see why it has attracted a large following in such a limited time. In today’s day and age, where consumers want the best, these exciting new greens drink is raising the bar.

With full transparency, an industry-leading 365-day money-back guarantee, and ingredients that are scientifically proven, SuperGreen TONIK is a no-brainer.

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